The root canal is a dental procedure done to remove infected nerves from the pulp of the tooth. It is an endodontic treatment that helps in relieving pain from the infection. The root canal helps to avoid the spread of infections to other teeth. At Tanega Dental, root canal treatment is provided to the patients with expertise and care.

The Process of the Root Canal

The root canal is a treatment that helps save the tooth. Before the procedure begins, the patient is first made to undergo a dental checkup that includes X-rays. This helps the dentist to understand the spread of infections. A rubber dam is then set inside the mouth to protect the gums. Anesthesia is administered to the patient before the procedure begins, which numbs the area to be treated.

The dentist then makes a small access hole in the tooth through which they would clean out the diseased tissues. The hollow area is then decontaminated and filled with a rubber-like material. It seals the tooth completely and prevents the infection from recurring. Finally, a dental treatment like a crown or filling would be performed to protect the teeth, which completes the procedure.

Aftercare is crucial in root canal treatment as it helps to maintain the tooth in its good form. The whole process of the treatment may take multiple appointments to complete.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • Aesthetically, the treatment helps to provide an appealing look to the person.
  • The treatment protects the natural tooth and provides long-lasting protection to it.
  • Root canal treatment provides a functional tooth to the patient which can be used for chewing.
  • The treatment helps avoid dental extractions, which will be required if the tooth isn’t treated promptly.
  • It helps to promote good oral health in general by maintaining better dental habits.
  • It helps to avoid severe pain that the infected tooth may cause.

Aftercare Instructions For Root Canal

The patient has to follow the instructions provided by the dentist, which helps to protect the teeth. Brushing should be done twice a day with fluoride toothpaste using a suitable toothbrush. The teeth would also require flossing, which helps to clear plaque. Eat a healthy diet to protect the teeth and prevent damage to the tooth. A regular dental checkup is also necessary for keeping the tooth clean.

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