Tooth loss can happen due to various reasons such as external trauma, cavities, gum diseases, etc. Losing a tooth can be highly disadvantageous as it affects the normal functioning of the mouth and also the appearance.

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Some of the drawbacks of missing teeth are as follows:

  • The remaining teeth drift from their positions, leading to a change in the shape of the jaws as well as the face.
  • The chewing ability will be disrupted.
  • Certain teeth may undergo excessive wear and tear.
  • The aesthetics will be ruined if a frontal tooth is extracted.
  • It can lead to further tooth loss.

Dental Implants

Implants are considered to be the best option to replace missing teeth. They are long lasting, strong and highly durable. An implant will be placed in the same bone where your natural tooth previously existed, which is why they are highly stable and also look exactly like the natural teeth.

We, at Tanega Dental, would take panoramic x-rays of your teeth to determine the spacing available for the implant, the exact placement of the teeth and if any bone deterioration has occurred. We use state of the art technology including digital x-rays, models, 3D mapping of the jaws and photographs to make sure your implant fit as perfectly as possible.

The implant crown will be fabricated in a laboratory with high precision using ceramic as the material. The metal post will be placed in the jawbone by means of a surgery. Post the surgery, it will take a few weeks for the implant site to heal. After the wound heals, the crown will be fitted on to the metal post using dental adhesives.

Implants provide patients with hassle-free functioning such as biting, chewing, etc. With proper maintenance, they can last several years. However, they undergo wear and tear just like natural teeth do, which is why periodic dental visits are required for monitoring them.

Porcelain Bridges

Dental bridges serve the purpose of filling in the gap between two teeth caused by a missing tooth. They are supported by crowns on either side, which help to hold them in place. The best thing about bridges is that they look, feel and function pretty much like real teeth, and all this doesn’t even require a surgery. However, in comparison to dental implants, they are less stronger and have a slightly shorter lifespan.

Partial/complete Dentures

Dentures are recommended when a large number of teeth have been lost. In fact, they can replace any number of missing teeth as they are available in the partial as well as complete variants. As they are made from acrylic, they can be made to closely mimic the appearance of the gums. Prosthetic teeth made from ceramic will be precisely placed on it to complete a perfect dental set up.

Partial Dentures

The gaps left behind by missing teeth would be a huge psychological and functional disadvantage, irrespective of the number of teeth lost. When a few teeth have been lost, partial dentures would be the best option to replace them. They restore one’s phonetics, ability to chew food and also the aesthetics.

Complete Dentures

Sometimes, the infection caused by gum diseases or cavities could spread so aggressively that your dentist may advise you to get all your teeth extracted. In such cases, complete dentures will be the best and most economic option to replace all your teeth. Also, you can customize your ‘new’ smile the way you want it to be.

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