It is said that you are what you eat. And, the fact is, the effect of the food you consume is first seen in your mouth. Many foods and beverages can be harmful to the teeth and gums as they cause plaque, a bacteria-filled sticky film, which, when not eliminated, can lead to several oral diseases. Plaque contributes to the occurrence of gum disease and tooth decay.

Now, the question is, how is it possible to prevent plaque from causing havoc in your mouth? In addition to brushing your teeth at least twice every day and flossing once, and visiting your dentist for regular teeth cleanings regularly, try to avoid or limit the consumption of the following foods as well:

  • Highly Sugary Drinks

Beverages with high sugar content like cold drinks, preserved juice, soda, sports drinks, and energy drinks are one of the biggest enemies to teeth and gums. If you can’t avoid it altogether, sip them with some snacks or light meals to lessen its impact and rinse your mouth afterward.

  • Sour Candies & Chocolates

Candies and chocolates overloaded with sugar can stick to the teeth or gums and remain there for a longer time inside the mouth. This can attract bacteria accumulation and lead to tooth decay and cavity problems. Sour candy has different kinds of acids that are bad for the teeth. Besides, crushing hard candies can also cause dental problems.

  • Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol can adversely affect the teeth and soft tissues in the mouth and reduce saliva production. This can increase the risk of cavities as saliva is essential to wash away the food debris from the mouth and safeguard against acids.

  • Acidic & Citrus Foods

Highly acidic or citrus foods like tomatoes, lemon, and raw mangoes can damage the teeth and lead to cavities, particularly when consumed exclusively without any other foods. The safest way to consume such fruits is to eat them alongside other food and rinse your mouth well with water after eating them.

  • Highly Starchy Foods

Highly starchy food items like potato chips and white bread can get stuck between the teeth for long and attract bacteria, leading to cavity or dental problems. So, if you eat starchy foods, rinse your mouth well to remove the starch particles from your teeth and gums.

  • Energy Drinks

Though energy drinks can give you a boost, they can lead to dehydration, cause headaches and mood swings and raise your heart rate besides being bad for your teeth and gums because of their high sugar and acidic content.

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