Visiting a dentist may make some people anxious. We, at Tanega Dental, help you relax during your treatment in case you feel you can’t handle the anxiety.

Mild sedatives can be administered in various forms to ease your mind. They can be in the form of inhalants, oral medication or intravenous sedatives. They can be chosen by considering your physical and mental condition as well as the suggestion of your dentist. However, it should be noted that they are just relaxants which help you stay relaxed during the treatment and not anesthesia, which is used for numbing.

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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide, or commonly called as ‘laughing gas’, is the most commonly used relaxant to combat anxiety during dental and medical procedures. It brings in a feeling of relaxation and makes ordinary things seem funnier, thereby helping the patient stay calm during the procedure.

Nitrous oxide is an odourless gas and is completely safe for inhalation. It will be combined with pure oxygen and patients can inhale it through a comfortably fitting mask that rests on their nose. The inhalant has no side-effects and its effects would wear off slowly as the procedure is completed.

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