Oral appliances help to keep the teeth away from damage. One of the goals of dentistry is to conserve as much of the original tissue as possible. Hence, we offer our patients various dental appliances such as night-time bruxism guard, oral stabilizer to treat sleep apnea, mouth guards, TMJ guard to treat jaw joint disorder, etc.

Every single appliance that we offer is custom fabricated to perfectly fit on your teeth. They offer great comfort along with excellent functionality.

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Teeth Grinding

Surprisingly enough, the teeth from the upper and the lower jaws stay in contact for only a few minutes in an entire day. They meet only when we are chewing food or when we occasionally clench our jaws. This can cause the teeth to wear, which is pretty normal in every person. However, the wear is virtually undetectable as the enamel is very strong and durable (in fact, it is the hardest substance in our body).

But, sometimes the teeth may develop a flattened biting surface due to excessive wear. The exact amount of wear can be determined with the help of x-rays. The main cause of such wear is said to be bruxism, which is the subconscious grinding of teeth. If you wake up having a headache or a sore jaw, chances run high that you’ve been grinding your teeth in your sleep without your own knowledge.

If you find anything unusual with your teeth such as minute bits of enamel falling off or flattening of the biting surface, you need to get immediate attention. If the condition is treated immediately, severe damage to your teeth (which is irreversible) can be prevented. Get in touch with Dr. Tanega to discuss your teeth grinding problems.

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