We, at Tanega Dental, give our best to treat your dental problems and make sure you maintain optimum oral health. However, during certain times, we wouldn’t be left with any option but to extract a severely infected or damaged tooth. This would be essential to prevent you from enduring further pain and the remaining teeth from getting infected as well.Have a discussion with our highly trained and top rated dentist, Dr. Tanega, about your oral problems and we will guide you further on the best dental treatments.

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars and are the final set of teeth to erupt. They usually erupt when a person is aged between 16 to 25. But sometimes, the wisdom teeth get ‘stuck’ in the jawbone, which is a condition called impacted wisdom teeth. They can be categorized into the following four types:Erupted: The wisdom tooth would have erupted just like a normal tooth. But due to certain complications, it would be highly painful.Partially erupted:A major part of the tooth would have erupted. However, a small fraction of it would still be under the gums.Partial bony impaction: A major part of the tooth remains under the gum line.Complete impaction: The tooth is completely under the gum line and has failed to erupt.Impacted wisdom teeth cause severe pain in the jaws. Also, the pain may progress to the neck and shoulders as well. Sometimes, there could be a formation of a cyst due to it, which can lead to cavities. Hence, it becomes critical to remove them.

Root Canals

Cavities are the resultant of improper oral hygiene, excessive consumption of sugary and sticky foods, hormonal imbalance, etc. When the infection progresses further, the nerves and the blood vessels in the root canal cavity could get infected. If the condition isn’t treated immediately, the tooth may have to be extracted.

A root canal therapy involves removing the infected pulp from the central cavity of the tooth, cleaning the cavity and sealing off the opening using a filling. Sometimes, your dentist may choose to include a small amount of medication in the cavity before sealing it off in order to arrest the spread of infection.Further, a tooth which has undergone a root canal therapy would be fragile and could crumble easily if a lot of force is applied on it. Hence, a crown can be used to cover it, thereby helping it stay intact.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgeries may be required to replace missing teeth, treat the gums which are infected or have receded below the gum line, remove suspicious tissues which could be infected, remove excessive jawbone, etc. At Tanega Dental, we make sure that your experience during the surgery is pleasant by making it safe and pain-free. In case you have any anxiety issues, we can administer relaxants which would calm you down during the procedure.

Bone Grafting

Bone deterioration can be caused due to various reasons such as tooth extraction, external trauma, gum diseases, etc. Once the jawbone surrounding a tooth shrinks, it wouldn’t grow back unless a surgery is performed. Bone grafting is done by extracting a bone tissue from a different part of the body and grafting it to the deteriorated site.

Optimum bone density is very important when you decide to get dental implants. In such situations, a bone graft would be of great help to restore the bone to its original shape, thickness and density.

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