Do you become nervous, or do you often freak out before your dental visits? Dental anxiety may prevent people from visiting their dentist for routine dental checkups or dental treatments. At Tanega Dental, South San Francisco, CA, we use sedation dentistry to calm down and relax our patients before and during a dental appointment.

What’s Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves using special medications to calm down and relax patients during dental treatments. However, dentists also recommend sedation dentistry to patients with anxiety to calm them, even if they are not undergoing invasive procedures.

The various types of sedation include the following:

  • General anesthesia keeps the patient unresponsive or unconscious through inhalation of a medically induced dosage.
  • Oral conscious sedation offers a minimal to moderate sedation option.
  • IV sedation is given to patients during lengthy dental treatments.
  • Nitrous oxide sedation involves the inhalation of a gas that controls a patient’s anxiety and calms them.
  • Anxiety Control

Many people may experience dental anxiety and hence avoid dental visits. Besides, anxiety can make people uncomfortable or cause dental trauma during treatments, increasing various associated complications.

Dental sedation can help relax the patients and manage their anxiety.

  • Pain Suppression

Many people fear major dental procedures, including root canals, tooth removal, and dental implant placement, because of fear about the procedure. Sedation can help minimize the pain and discomfort during major, invasive dental procedures.

  • Eliminates Gag Reflex

When hands and tools are put deep inside the mouth, patients with a very high gag reflex can get uncomfortable, and the reflex can interrupt the dental procedure. Sedation dentistry will help reduce the gag reflex and help patients to be more at ease.

  • Allows the Patient to Get Many of Your Procedures Out of the Way Quickly

Since sedation dentistry induces a calm and relaxed feeling in the patients, the dentist can do multiple procedures during the same dental appointment. Thus, a comfortable environment saves time and ensures better treatment results.

  • Helps patient sit still

Patients who find it difficult sitting still or those having disabilities can benefit from even the mildest forms of sedation dentistry by helping to relax their bodies. This benefits patients with disabilities who find it incapable of sitting still for an extended time.

We understand that dental anxiety and fear are common and can affect our patients’ dental health and hygiene.

At Tanega Dental, Dentist in San Francisco CA, we offer sedation dentistry to make our patients’ dental experience comfortable, seamless, and stress-free. Call us at 650.794.0203 or schedule an appointment online.

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